Two Week Boutique™

The ultimate Bootcamp to starting your own online boutique. Your "cheat sheet" with straightforward answers I wished someone had told me!

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two week boutique bootcamp
  • You knew exactly what you needed to do to start your boutique
  • You didn't have to worry about the costs
  • Make these short, concise statements.
  • You knew which wholesalers you wanted to buy from and they were TESTED and PROVEN
  • You were confident about how to price your items, track inventory, and ship your products
two week boutique bootcamp

Hey it’s Jenn - the  Boutiquepreneur an online boutique owner of two companies,  a social media side hustler, and on my most recent adventure into the online coaching industry.  You might have seen me on your TikTok FYP page sharing tips and tricks about starting your own boutique or just having fun on the app. After getting MASSIVE amounts of feedback and questions about how to start and run an online boutique, I knew it was time to take mentoring into serious consideration. It didn’t happen overnight but nothing does. After months of preparation and my amazing + patient followers being supportive, The Two Week Boutique Bootcamp was born.

This course is outlined in a day-by-day structure over a 14 day period. Do you HAVE to finish the course within 2 weeks? Absolutely not. This course is yours to keep forever and to re-watch as many times as your little heart desires. The reason I chose to call it “the two week boutique bootcamp” is because I wanted to show that you  CAN launch a business in two weeks and to show exactly what it takes to make that happen. A 2 week launch plan is NOT for everyone and that is perfectly okay. You can turn that 2 weeks into 2 months if needed! All that matters is that this course has the information needed to turn that boutique dream into a boutique reality. Who’s ready?!

What's inside?

what you


What's inside?
  • Answers to all the questions buzzing around in your head
  • Taking away all the stress and anxiety that can keep you up at night when launching a boutique
  • Legal answers from a female attorney who has your back
  • Taking you from being a boutique beginnHER to a boutique ownHER!
  • Changing you from saying “one day” to “launch day” in as little as two weeks
  • Helping you become a confident business owner so you can concentrate on your customers
  • Enables you to launch your boutique in the most efficient way possible without second doubts

the person behind the brand

Meet Jenn

Hey it’s Jenn here! The Boutiquepreneur ™ - online boutique owner + entrepreneur. Sharing boutique industry secrets and behind the scenes videos on social media. I unintentionally became a “go-to” source for many on their journey to launch their own online boutique. After doing countless one-on-one calls and becoming obsessed with you guys, I realized it was time to get intentional about coaching by putting systems in place with access to valuable resources! 

My knowledge comes from first hand experience of starting and running two of my own online boutiques. Featured on: Buzzfeed, Bloomberg, PopSugar, World Salad, hitting over 10k followers on Instagram with my first boutique (dog clothing boutique @Dressedbyfinn), amassing over 75k followers on TikTok in a single year, and having my dog clothes featured on Lauryn Evart's The Skinny Confidential blog as well as getting my women’s boutique clothes into the hands of Amanda from Summer House! 

a peek


Getting Down to Boutique Business

THE JIG IS UP. The internet is made up of people just like you and I. We are smart, we can sense a fake review coming before it’s said, and we are for sure not here looking for another drop shipped item shipped from Suzie’s linktoknowit page. 

What do we all want? We want to buy from GENUINE owners who are OBSESSED with each and every item they have in their boutique. That’s why we’re not on amazon purchasing the product. We pay more for the ease of a smaller, curated collection. We pay more for the story that goes along with the product and why the owner chose to purchase it from the wholesaler. And we will always pay more for the connection to the boutique, the owner and the feeling that we get everytime we wear/use the product. SO if i haven’t scared you off yet, then welcome to the Two Week Boutique Bootcamp sales page. Let’s dive into Module 1 overview!

 In this lesson we will discover what you are passionate about, what makes you get excited to purchase and share with the world. You can sell anything but the most successful boutique owners sell items they genuinely love. The trick here is to use something I like to call the “BOUTIQUE TECHNIQUE.” I created an easy solution to product option overload. This technique will walk you through narrowing down and selecting the exact items to have in your boutique. The technique includes industry proven research methods that will start you off ahead of the others while staying true to yourself. 


Talk Legal to Me (+ include lots of acronyms)

Business Entities (LLC/Sole Prop/DBA), + Applying for an EIN 

Ahhhhh LEGAL SHIT. Can I be honest and say this is my least favorite part of starting a business? Why? Because it’s boring to me. Yup I said it. On top of being boring, it scares me, it intimidates me and it has been one of the reasons I’ve lost sleep over the years. I’ll go ahead and even say it’s even the cause of a few of my wrinkles. BUT guess what?! I did the dirty work for you guys so hopefully you can save money on future botox and just listen to my recommendations as well as the AMAZING attorney I’ve teamed up with to solve all those legal questions you have. If you want to watch this module and then jump to your bonus #1 with Mari from Ribiero Law Firm, I know you will feel like a confident badass business owner in the making by the end. You’re welcome sista!


Business Bank Accounts + How to make Taxes your Friend, not Enemy

Okay so you are on your way to getting to the fun parts! Let’s finish up a few of the necessities needed to run a proper boutique and get your personal life separated from your business life. This is very important. It’s an area that is often overlooked by business owners across all industries. By setting up your bank account, your po box, as well as a plan on how to approach your taxes from day 1, you will save yourself the headache of doing it in the future in addition to saving money and protecting yourself from stalkers and hackers. Ain’t nobody got time for that. In this module I will walk you through getting your BUSINESS bank account set up, signing up for a Business P.O. Box or a Virtual Mailbox, as well as affordable tax companies that I recommend for online boutique owners. 


Your Brand is Everythinggggg- Let’s talk Logos + Packaging Supplies

OKAY IT’S PARTY TIME LADIES. This is where the fun begins. Module 4 is where we define the look and feel of your boutique! Do you have some colors in mind already? Awesome. If not, no worries at all! In this module, I will take you through creating a mood board that you love, ways to bootstrap your graphic design needs, and companies that I’ve used to create my custom packaging supplies. Who knew shipping supplies could be so much fun? But honestly, every girl gets extra excited when a Pinterest perfect package arrives at their door. We’re going to give that same feeling to your customers before they even open their boutique order through your packaging.


How to Find Your Soulmate WHOLESALE-mate 💕



If your Love Language is Shopping… I mean Purchasing for Your Boutique, then you are going to go crazy over the content I cover in this module. I KNOW YOU ALL LOVE TO TALK WHOLESALERS!!! This has become my claim to fame on TikTok and I can confidently call myself a Wholesale Guru. No one wants to use the same old, generic wholesalers that every other boutique purchases from. That’s why I made it my quarantine duty to stay up late during the week and do a deep dive into the wholesale industry. My goal was to uncover the best ways to find the non mainstream wholesale companies that I knew existed. Boutique owners do not like to share the wholesalers they purchase from because they feel as if they’ve discovered a hidden gem and want to keep their wholesaler list America's next best secret. In Bonus #2 you’ll be able to download a full list of the “hidden gem wholesalers” and in this module, you’ll learn the tricks I use to find them so that you never run out of wholesalers to purchase unique items from!


Time to Find Your Online Home-Sweet-Home. Choosing your E-commerce Platform, Domain + Social Media Accounts

I HAVE ANOTHER DAY OF SHOPPING IN STORE FOR YOU! Aren’t you so happy we did the boring stuff first?! Same sista.
Today we will be shopping for your boutique’s home on the internet. Or as I like to refer to it as, your real estate property on the world wide web. Your domain is quite literally your business investing in and owning a piece of the internet just like getting a mortgage on a house. The e-commerce platform you choose, is your land/property. In this lesson, we’ll dive into how to build the fancy shcmancy house on that property (aka your website.) We will go over the 3 ecommerce platforms I recommend and how to know which one is right for you. 



Your (Pre)-Launch Plan is about to go PUBLIC 

Sharing my BEST social media tips for gaining a massive following, reaching your target audience, and how to sell without selling!

this program is perfect for you if...

target audience
target audience
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, and anyone with a dream of owning a boutique one day in the US. If you are looking for someone to guide you along in your journey to get there, then this course is perfect for you. 

  • This course is for people who know you have put in the work every day to see results. This course will not instantly make you earn millions. But it is the start. 

  • If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own boutique but nervous about the costs, the legal forms, and wondering which social media platforms to start on, then I’ve got you!
  • You haven’t been able to find the answers online or you found WAY TOO many answers online that you are feeling overwhelmed then you are in the right place. 

  • Have you heard about people launching their own online boutiques and going viral overnight and it gives you that feeling of FOMO? Well this course is for you. 


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Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Seven live calls.

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No, it is available to purchase worldwide but the legal and tax components will only be helpful to those living in the us. We do not recommend this course to those outside the US although there are many modules that may be found helpful.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is when you purchase the course but do not receive your access yet. You are locked in so it’s our promise to you that you’ll get what you paid for!



When will I get access to the course?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

How many phone calls with Jenn are included in the $497 package?

Seven live calls.

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Once a week.

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Is Two Week Boutique only for US residents?

No, it is available to purchase worldwide but the legal and tax components will only be helpful to those living in the us. We do not recommend this course to those outside the US although there are many modules that may be found helpful.